Space capsule discovered in Central Slovakia
BB- An object reminiscent of a space capsule was found on the hill in the periphery of Dubravica village. Two beehives with bee colonies were found inside. The space capsule was discovered by Ján Zepka, local fireman, who declared that the object was built by his friend, a local beekeeper, who went missing this summer. The villagers were surprised to find the bees in the capsule completely unaffected by a recent virus that had spread across the country, leaving all the colonies severely decimated. Sample bees from these two colonies are currently being studied in a laboratory, as some believe they developed a special antibody towards the virus.
Mr. Zepka spoke about the beekeeper's theory of “Mirror Land.” It is an unconventional belief that a planet similar to Earth is sharing the same orbit with our planet, but it's view is always covered by the Sun. Some villagers were speculating that the missing beekeeper had really traveled into space, to prove his theory, or to save his bees from the virus.

Whether the discovery of the capsule is a result of a prank, a lonely man's lunacy, or a hardly believable space travel is yet unclear.
The object was found on september 8th. Many inhabitants reported hearing a loud noise and seeing flashes of light at around 10pm the previous night.

Inside the capsule, several books, food containers and few personal items were found. Mr. Zepka also spoke about a diary of the beekeeper, which clearly portrays space travel as well as older memories. This diary, together with a few other personal items of the missing beekeeper, are being held in the regional police office for further investigation. f.f.

DBSP 01, exhibition Other Forms of Relations, MMCA Chang Dong National Art Studi

They became stars, drawing on fabrics,
170 x 100 cm, 2014
General view of the work, DBSP 01, 2014
The flag of DBSP 01 (Dúbravica beekeeper's space program 01)

The Earth, polaroid photo, 2014
DBSP 01, map, 400 x 100 cm, 2014

DBSP 01 flag, canvas, acrylic, wood, 30 x 30 x 120 cm, 2014

DBSP 01, 40 x 40 cm, inkjet print, 2014

A Swarm, cardboard box, clay, paint, sound of bees,
45 x 35 x 35 cm, 2014